While planning your trip to Calgary for this year’s Ignite Summit, you may wish to take some time and see what the host city has to offer. There are many beautiful sights Calgary has to offer, with the interest of time and location in mind, here are the top 5 sights to see in downtown Calgary during the summit.

  1. Devonian Gardens

Devonian Gardens is a large botanical garden decorated with waterfalls, bridges koi ponds and varying art sculptures by local talent located in the CORE shopping center in downtown Calgary.  This is a great place for coffee or lunch, or if you want to sit on a bench and work quietly.  The gardens include over 500 trees, 50 varieties of plants for you to take a walk through after a busy day.

  1. Calgary Tower

You can visit Calgary without taking a tour of the Calgary Tower, the 190m freestanding observation tower located in Downtown. The structure was originally called the Husky Tower but was renamed in 1971 as a tribute to the citizens of the city.  There is an observation deck where you can get a 360-degree view of the city, the beautiful Rocky Mountains, the foothills, and the prairies.  Sky 360, is the towers revolving restaurant, where you can grab a quick business lunch or dinner and enjoy the view.

  1. Olympic Plaza

Olympic Plaza was created for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary and served as the venue for medal ceremonies.  It’s now used as a beautiful park and perfect meeting spot for city workers during lunch.  The plaza and surrounding area also host an array of sculptures including the famous five statues and the Armengol statue.  City hall is located across the street if you want to take a stroll after lunch and view the historic building built in 1911.  You can also visit the Family of Horses statue located at City Hall.

  1. Eau Claire Market

Eau Claire market is the focal point of the Eau Claire neighborhood and opened in 1993. It’s located in downtown Calgary along the Bow River and a brisk walk from Princes’ Island Park. The Market is filled with restaurants, an outdoor wading pool, and playground, and has one of a kind shop – great for souvenir shopping for friends and family. Prince’s Island Park is over the bridge and is a great option for a walk in the park and a picnic on a sunny May weekend.

  1. Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge which opened in 2012 was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and gained the popular nickname “Finger Trap Bridge” due to its visual similarity to the finger trap puzzle. The bridge is a pedestrian and bike pathway that connects the southern Bow River pathway to downtown Calgary.  The bridge is reportedly used by 6000 people a day and is a great option for those looking to take an evening walk through downtown Calgary after a long day at the summit.