Shaheel is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who got his start at the age of eight when his father decided it was time for him to learn to manage the books for a number of their family businesses. Today, we’d call that child labour. He managed to ‘escape’ the traditional family businesses 25 years ago and redirected his attention to the tech space with a focus on leveraging software technologies to improve business operations. Since that time, Shaheel has served as CEO of two high growth Canadian software startups, Director of Business Development at a U.S. enterprise software company during the dot com boom (and bust), and as a former strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co., where he was responsible for launching one of Canada’s first online banks. He has been involved in starting or growing of more than 15 businesses to date, some successfully and others not. He has also advised around a thousand startup entrepreneurs and has been involved in raising over $100 million in capital for which he was awarded the Entrepreneur Promotion award from the Startup Canada in 2016. Last year, he and his partners created Alberta’s first tech micro-venture fund, Sprout Fund, which will make investments in Alberta’s early stage tech sector. The fund has attracted capital from a large number of investors and family offices seeking to diversify into the tech space.

In addition to his current role as Executive in Residence at one of Canada’s premier accelerator organizations, Shaheel served as an early investor and board member of Login Radius, a high growth Software as a Service (SaaS) company that has grown to a valuation of more than $60 million within 5 years and raised a $17 million Series A investment last year from Microsoft Ventures and ForgePoint Ventures.

Shaheel has served as Chairman of the Alberta 100 Tech Entrepreneurs group, is currently a University of Alberta Venture Mentor, and a Harvard University Startup Innovation Lab Advisor – all of which are volunteer groups dedicated to mentoring next generation entrepreneurs. He holds an MBA (Entrepreneurial Finance) from Harvard Business School and a BCom (Distinction) from the University of Alberta.


Shaheel Hooda

Managing Partner Sprout Fund LP

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