Privacy Policy


Tickets to the Ignite Growth 2019 Summit (“Summit”) are non-transferable.  Photo identification will be checked to confirm identity of the registered guest for entrance to all Summit events.  The Summit is a privately held event and therefore agents, volunteers and members of the Summit organization team reserves the rights to restrict or refuse access to any individuals at its sole discretion.  By purchasing tickets online, you explicitly grant consent to the Ignite IBPA Conference Society to use, collect and disclose your personal information for administration and reporting purposes on Summit events.  Given the caliber of the event, there will be photographers and videographers at the Summit to record and capture images and candid moments of the speakers and guests over the weekend.  Accordingly, the registered guest hereby acknowledges and permits the Ignite IBPA Conference Society, its agents, volunteers and representatives to use his/her name, image, photographs, videos and interview statements (collectively the “Attributes”) in showcasing the Summit event and marketing similar events in the future without expectation of any compensation, remuneration, now or in the future, or further notification, including, without limitation, the perpetual and unlimited right to reproduce any materials produced incorporating the Attributes. In order to enhance the personal experience for each guest at the Summit, and for security reasons, guests will be requested to upload his/her picture online.  By registering online, the guest explicitly consents  to receive electronic messages with respect to information, updates and notification on Summit related matters. 

Privacy Terms and Conditions:

The Alliance Conference Canada (“ACC”), the Ignite Growth Summit and the Alliances (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Alliances”) have developed policies and procedures to protect the website users’ personal information and to ensure that the Alliances comply with the current applicable privacy legislation.  The Alliance reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the privacy policy at any time and therefore registered guests and website users are encouraged to read this section from time to time for possible changes.  Any amendments to the terms and conditions will be posted on the “Privacy Policy” age of (the “Website”).



At the time of registering for the Summit, the following personal information will be collected on the Website:  full name, e-mail address, main telephone numbers, home address, country of residence, gender, business information and other personal information as defined under the applicable Canadian privacy legislation.  The Alliances may aggregate the data (including personal information) it collects and subsequently use and/or disclose the personal information for each registered guest, whether in aggregate anonymized form or otherwise, for registration and planning purposes.  Personal information will not be disclosed or disseminated to third parties, except where required by law or otherwise provided herein. In the normal course of business, the Alliances may disclose some personal information to service providers, sponsors, partners and suppliers. The Alliances also currently disclose personal information to Google Analytics, a Web analytics service provided by Google Inc. The IP address will be anonymized prior to being stored on Google’s servers in order to safeguard privacy. For further information about Google Analytics, please refer to [].


By registering for the Summit and providing personal information, each registered guest hereby consents to the collection, use and disclosure of his/her personal information with various Alliances (whether now formed or hereafter created) and third parties who support the mandate or the Alliances  for Summit purposes (including the Aga Khan Council for Canada and the boards and portfolios existing thereunder and Event sponsors and partners).  Consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting the Alliances on the “Contact Us” page of the Website.  Please note that withdrawal of consent may result in a reduction in access to the Website, interruptions in receiving important notifications relating to the Summit, and overall Summit experience.




The Alliances may use the personal information collected for the following reasons:

·         to communicate and/or deliver information and services to the registered guest regarding the work of the Alliances and such third parties;

·         for planning purposes including, without limitation, to assist with the creation, review and implementation of programs, services and measures intended to benefit the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim community in Canada and throughout the world;

·         to conduct statistical analysis necessary to further assist the Alliances and the above mentioned third parties in fulfilling their mandates;

·         to improve Website features and content;

·         to analyze Website usage;

·         to send promotional materials and other information;

·         to respond to comments or questions; and

·         to provide customized content to each registered guest based on the information provided his/her activities on the Website.




The Alliances are committed to protection of privacy and all personal information will be kept secure and confidential.  Any concerns, questions or requests regarding the collection, use, disclosure or deletion of personal information can be directed to the Alliance.  In the event of any privacy breaches, the Alliances shall make the necessary disclosure pursuant to applicable law.




When navigating the Website, small files called ‘cookies’ may be attached to the web browser. The Alliances use or may use the following types of cookies:


·         Session:  These are used as an integral part of the identification process for some of the Alliance’s online applications. This is for security purposes to verify the identity of the guest and to provide the registered guest with his/her confidential account information during an online session. No personal information will be stored in session cookies and when the registered guest logs of his/her session, the cookie will no longer be valid and will be discarded upon closing the browser.


·         Persistent cookies:  These are more permanent and can be re-read when the registered guest returns to the site on their computer. This information will be written onto the user’s hard drive and will remain there until the expiry date of the cookie. They are used to identify and provide personalized features (for example, to help the Alliances remember which official language the registered guest prefers) and for tracking traffic patterns to and from the Website.





The Alliances shall retain personal information for 30 days and as required by law, after which time, the information will be deleted and destroyed.


Last modified: April 2019, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.